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Hi everyone

I just seen that when I use the distance formula, it will show the distance “à vol d’oiseau” like a bird will fly. But I want to see the road distance.

Sorry if you dont understand, I’m french native.

French version :slight_smile:

Le résultat de la formule distance me donne un résultat à vol d’oiseau, or, pour mon projet j’ai besoin d’avoir précisement la distance en voiture et non à vol d’oiseau.

Any ideas ?

Thank you very much

Hi @devrimdmk,

Is it possible to explain what you are trying to say from a screenshot? And a screenshot of your Distance formula?

Thank you

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This is my formula for KM distance


I tested from my house to my work and tested with Google Maps but it don’t show the same distance, I think it from bird-fly distance. But I really need to have a road distance, because my users will pay for distance fee delivery

Sorry if it seem difficult to understand

Bonjour @devrimdmk,

You’re right, Adalo’s distance formulas calculate “bird fly” distances.
For road ones you might need to use some external API - like this one: Distance Matrix API overview  |  Google Developers



Thank you so much ! That’s will help me a lot

Hve a great day :slight_smile:

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