Distinct into values in a list

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I am trying to display a list of duplicate users. I need to do a Distinct(users) on the data, but I don’t see a function that allows me to do it, how can I develop it?

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Hello, can you please explain more, so I can give you the right solution for your issue?

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Hi @gonza,

You mean the users that appears more in a collection? Could you explain more? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Ali, thanks for the support. I have answered below with more details.


Hello Dilon!

I have duplicate records in the database (that are differentiated by a date and time field) which is correct, but I need to keep only the last associated record, it even helps me to do a MAX to the datetime field, but I can’t find the Distinct or MAX functions to remove those duplicates to display it in a list with no duplicates.

What do you recommend?

Hi Gonzalo,

Thanks for the information. As far as I’m aware there’s now way to filter the list to not show duplicates. But you can add a way to not make duplicates in the collection. Check these videos : Adalo Hints: how to prevent from creating duplicate records in the collection - YouTube , Adalo Prevent Duplicate Records & allow user to update existing record instead. - YouTube

And also you didn’t prevent duplicates because you need them? What’s this collection used for?

Thank you

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Thanks Dilon, I´ll see this solutions and I will give you feedback. thanks!

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