Removing duplicates in a drop down list

Hey, I searched for other forums related to this and haven’t found a solution specific to my context. I have a list of records that are created by users and it is necessary that these records have many records under the same name due to the nature of what it is so I cant remove duplicates in the database its self. In other parts of the app im making I would add another property with an ‘X’ or ‘1’ in one of the records with the same name so I can filter the list out so it only shows records that have an ‘X’ or ‘1’ etc to filter out duplicates. but in this case it is not possible. So is it possible to remove duplicates in a regular drop down from a database or is there some sort of component you are aware of from a component market place/website i can buy and install that allows me to remove duplicates?

Thank you

Hi @sami ,

To do filter we need differentiating field, so if you can manage to add additional field that can make the difference, it will be possible.

Currently, list does not have unique filter or any other string manipulation, so we need to plan ahead.

hey, the database the drop down is linked to is a user created database. for example when a user adds a new record to an exercise such as ‘exercise 5’ with a specific weight and rep they lifted, they can do this multiple times over the course of a workout or over a long period of time if they do the same exercise. So I want to show in the drop down a list of all exercise to view that have been added to the database to view and it will show multiple options since there are many records to ‘exercise 5’ it will show it multiple times in the drop down.

Well, depending on your database layout, you can choose collection that are parent to this user created collection, so that it can show summarized version, or you can put more field to the chosen solution so that users does not feel shown duplicate values, it could be date or something else.

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