Do Changes In Database Affect All Users?

Hello everyone!

This is probably a newbie database question.

I am trying to create a workout app where I have a database of Exercises. Once a user completes an Exercise, they can toggle it as a “True” value in a field in the Exercise database.

My question is: do all users see this change in the database? Or do all users see a separate Exercise database? In other words, how do I set it up so that each user can toggle a “True” value for an exercise uniquely?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, in order to do that, you should have :

  • In the Database :
    1- Create a collection called “Exercises”.
    2- Create a property that’s called “Done”.
    3- Create a relationship between this new collection and the “Users” collection, in which each user can have multiple exercises.

  • On the screens :
    1- Create a list of Exercises and set it to (Logged in users => Exercises)
    2- Create a new screen and call it “Exercise”. This screen will display the current exercise that was clicked in the previous list (So don’t forget to link the list to this screen).
    3- In the “Exercise” screen, you can add the toggle component and connect it to ( the “Done” property of the current Exercise). So that when a user finishes an exercise, he’ll click on the toggle and update the “Done” property to True.

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