User Completed Items in Database

I have a simple workout tracking app with the following databases, outside of users.

  1. Workout Programs (collection of days)
  2. Workout Days (each program has many days)
  3. Exercises (each workout day has various exercises)

When a user is working out, I’d like them to be able to click a button that says “exercise completed”.

Issue #1 - when I do this, it marks the exercise completed for EVERY user.
Issue #2 - when a user marks an exercise completed, it marks that exercise complete for every time that exercise exists in the app.

Brief video attached.

[Screen Recording 2021-10-05...]
(Screen Recording 2021-10-05...)

Thank you for taking the time to read and thank you in advance for any help. If there are any helpful resources on structuring databases I would love to read them!

Thank you!

Hi @teehalz,

So what you will need is a collection called “Completed Workouts” or similar that has one-to-many relationships to the Exercises and Users collection. The User relationship will be who completed the exercise and the Exercise will be which exercise they completed. This lets you tally up all the exercises a user completed without having to mark it complete for everyone. One helpful tip here is to add an ID to each exercise so that you can later filter lists and display “completed” icons on the exercises the user has completed using conditional visibility. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense and I can whip up a quick cloneable app for you.

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Hi @pford does your offer still stand, to create a quick cloneable app? I started my journey today with Adalo and I’ve hit a roadblock with Sets and Reps.