Do changes on Adalo get reflected real-time on the PWA?

If I’m publishing via a PWA, when I make changes on Adalo, does that automatically reflect when a user goes to the PWA?

So if I need to test new functionality, is there no way for me to work on that in a test or sandbox environment, before the PWA sees it?

Would the only option then be to have a secret link/button on your app that is only visible to users with certain email addresses, in order to test a feature, before making it visible for everyone else?

Yes, the updates to PWA apps are live within a few seconds of making the changes.

Native mobile apps require submitting new app builds to the app stores for changes to go live.

Yes, the best option is to link to new screens to test with visibility settings

You can use specific emails if you’d like or alternatively, add a true/false parameter to your user database and call it “Admin”. Set the value to true for anyone that you want to have “admin” access. I usually just drop in an action button and set the visibility to “Sometimes Visible if > Logged in user > Admin > is equal to > True” so that only the users with Admin set to true can see the button.

Then, I can play around with the new screens without having to worry about users accessing them.

Thanks! That admin field is probably a cleaner option than just checking email addresses.

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