Make changes without app being live

Hi, I expect Im being stupid here but is there a way to make changes to the app without them being live changes for the users? Ie, change branding etc on an offline version then make it the live version?

Design versions doesn’t really do this, does it?

Hope Ive mad sense, thanks.

Hi, do you speak about PWA or native app ?

Native app: you can make changes and they will be live when you publish you new app.
PWA: my workaround is to make a copy of the initial app. And once I want to publish the new one, I publish the new one with the good domain.

ps: I am not an expert

Hello JLCSerious. If it’s PWA, you can create a copy of the screen you want to edit, make it live, and edit the first one. So when you finish, you publish the PWA with the new edited screen and delete the other.

Hi Ali, thanks for this, just seems really clunky! Plus you’d have to create a hidden link on your live app in order to try the new pages, seems nuts! I think Nirvana has the best workaround, still, feels like something the creators have overlooked… Cheer

Hi Nirvana, thanks for this, I think it may be the solution I’m looking for. Have a good day!

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@JLCSerious I think also making a feature request for this be great too! :

Like there is a switch that we can turn off to not apply the new changes and once we on that apply them! This is not a problem for Native but for PWA and then we don’t need kind of workarounds!

Cheers Dilon, I actually headed here to make it but found one already exists

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Oops! Forgot about that! Thanks for the link Jack! Hope it will be available soon!

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