Do I need to build 2 different versions of my app for Android and iOS?

I’m building an app in Adalo using conventions for iOS (like having the back button in the top left corner for example).

I want to make the app available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Will I encounter problems if I publish my existing version on Google play. And if so, what kind of problems might these be?

Would it be best to duplicate the original and make changes so that I have one version that will work best in iOS and another version that is more compatible with Android navigation/conventions?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give :blush:

Hello, for this let me quote Flawless:


Thank you :+1:

As I’m working to a tight deadline I’ll use the same app for now. Then I can plan some user testing on iOS and Android and see if any problems come up there.

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Glad to help

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