iOS and Android updates

hi all, if you launch your Adalo app via App store and Google Playstore, will your app automatically be updated by Adalo for new iOS and Android system versions?

thanks for the help! kind regards Elianne

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Hi @Elianne from my understanding it will save your Appstore credentials but you will need to submit a new build each time you do an update

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hi, thanks for you reply! my question is not if I make an update to the app myself, but if a new version of iOS or Android is released and my Adalo app is live on App store etc. Do I need to do anything?


Oh good question

Most likely no unless something fundamentally changes. In which case I assume we’ll be notified.

This would be handled on our side.

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Great, thanks!!

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Op maandag, oktober 5, 2020, 10:26, Colin Winhall ( Customer Experience @ Adalo) via Adalo schreef:

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