App Update with Adalo!

Hi everyone!
I hope someone can guide me here. I have an app that is currently live on both Google and Apple sotres. I created the app on another platform. Now I want to continue the same using Adalo because Adalo price is more affordable. So, the question is, can I design the app update on the Adalo platform and submit it as an update version of the current app? Or do I have to resubmit the app entirely as a new submission?

I think you just need to put a new update.

For Google Play it’s easy because you just need to pull the new apk file. But for iOS I don’t know if it will work.

You need to test :slight_smile:

PS : I think on the Appstore Connect you can “fusion” 2 apps in just one

Hey yes you can I have done this for several apps from Expo > Adalo.

iOS - Easy, you just need to follow The Adalo guidelines but making sure the Bundle ID matches the ID of your orignal app, make an App Specific password before publish and TestFlight does the rest. The only thing you need to confirm in a support ticket to Adalo is whether your current app supports iPad, if it didn’t no need to worry here.

Android - a little more complex. APKs and .AAB are signed by Google Play, so you will need your .keystore file with Keystore Alias and Keystore Password. You will also need to know the backend Version code of your android build (current app on Google play console). You will need to submit a support ticket to Adalo with your keystore file, alias, password, version code (this is different to front end Adalo Android version code - and you cannot change this yourself). Once you pull together this information you will also need to confirm to Adalo whether you have been updating your current Android App with .apk’s or .aab’s.

From memory that’s all you should need. The Adalo support are great at sorting this sort of thing. @Adalo_CXTeam

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