Does Adalo have a dropdown list where we can type free text

Does Adalo have a dropdown list where the user can type text rather than only select from the dropdown list? After the 2nd character is typed, we want to call an API that will return a newly filtered list based on the text entered.

The next question would be: is there a way to format the text in the list so the characters the user typed are set to bold in the dropdown list. If so, are there examples on how to so this?

Thank you.

Hello @georgep,

Unfortunately it is not possible the way that you describe it. The only way will be by a custom component.

What you can do is to have input field and a list below the list. Then you could filter the list this the input. If you want to try, I could send you more detailed instructions.

Hi Georgios,

Yes please, I’m interested in any information you can provide.

Thank you.

Actually you can try this component from the marketplace