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Hi All,

How do you currently input rich text formats in Adalo ? Has there been a way around for this yet ? I need to enter long articles in my app for my user to read. And this needs rich text format options.

Your help and support is very much appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Thufile and welcome :slight_smile:

When you say input rich text, do you mean you would like a user to input rich text, or YOU would like to input rich text whilst designing the app?


Hi Craig,

Yes, I would want my users to be able to input rich text (lets say some long articles with paragraphs, bullet points or numbering etc.) and be able to save that in the database.

(Just roughly like what we are able to do in this forum)

There is a component in the marketplace that’s kind of like rich text except it’s manually.




You could read more about all the styles for markdown renderer below.

Thanks James. But i am looking for something more efficient.

For example, I want something that would allow my users to post the below in the job board area.

You have two options here:

  • Upvote this feature request for rich text formatting and wait till Adalo starts working on it.

  • Order a custom component to be made for rich text. @Michael’s no code monkey is nice to order a custom made component.

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Thanks James. I have voted it up.

Thanks for the message @James_App_Maker,
Hey @Thufile. Just sent you a DM.

As James has mentioned, this must be custom development as there is no way to make this happen in Adalo a the moment.

Good luck


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