Does anybody knows how to install admob correctly?


I have been trying to implement admob for quite some time. I have followed the instructions offered by adalo, first I have implemented the component, and then I have put the ca-pub offered by adalo. When I go to put mine it does not work and tells me that the component is not properly installed.

Someone has some video tutorial of how to do it? I’m desperate already.


Hey there @ramonroca

Can you provide a screenshot of what you see in the previewer or app on your device?

Also, can you elaborate on “it tells me that the component is not properly installed?”

Yes, Here is a screenshot of all the steps. I have read that until it is not uploaded to the store it does not work, but I am not sure if it is well configured if it says that…

Hey there @ramonroca

Make sure you have the right parameters in the right locations:

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oh, great, thank you!!

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