Does anyone have the calendar component crashing?

Whenever i press on an event on the calendar component, it crashes. Is there any fix to this?

@dunderkid I have had a similar issue - the calendar either taking ages to load and and save the date, or the component flickering. This was only from the web view, cannot tell on the actual app as I have not published yet.

Please let me know the url’s of the apps you are experiencing this issue with.

@Colin, here you go:

Sorry, pasted the wrong URL. It is this one: You’ll find the calendar in week 1 stage 3.

This is mine; in the web view and previewer the calendar doesn’t link to the screen i’m supposed to go, it doesn’t do anything; on an actual mobile phone, the app crashes.
It used to work before though, its just this week that the problem happened

We recently made some changes to the component. Can you let me know if you are still experiencing this problem.

Hi Colin, still experiencing the issue from an version published 2 days ago, on iPhone device. No issues on Android.
See the screenshot below (the correct one on the first go :grin:).

This should be fixed now. Please create a new build and see if the issue is resolved for you.

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Hi @Colin, My iPhone tester is still seeing issues with the calendar on iOS. Here is a screenshot after I made a new build. It does not appear as it does on the web preview: it flows over the screen and now hides a button.

The calendar is a core functionality of my app - and I guess of many other apps. I am sure you guys are working super hard to make things work and I love the platform and the community. But this is a real problem and prevents me from distributing the app to users. It makes it hard for me to justify paying for the service.

Please help! I want to continue using Adalo - but it needs to work!

Hi @gregdarebe,

I guest it is not a calendar component (the one on the marketplace), but rather a datepicker component?
Just tested on my freshly built iOS app - same result: the datepicker selector covers the content on the window… and the only way to close it is to tap once again on the datepicker.

As a temporary workaround - just an idea: if you don’t need to select the dates in a wide range - you could build something like a custom component by yourself:
Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 13.43.07

(technically speaking - to build this you add some TMPDate property into Users collection, initialize it somewhere (set as current time), then display the value of this property in a text label, and with arrow buttons you change it +1 or -1 accordingly).

I know it doesn’t fully substitute the datepicker, but if you need a quick solution, this might help.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor, thanks for clarifying - this is about the date picker! Interesting you have the same issue. Probably means the same for all iOS users. Your solution sounds too technical for me :-(.
@Colin and Adalo team: the date picker is a critical element of so many apps - can you please fix this ASAP? I know scalability and performance is your main priority via better infrastructure, but I would argue fixing bugs of existing features is a component of performance and stability.
Thanks. Greg

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Part of the performance goal this quarter is also stability, which means fixing bugs. This is on our radar and should be fixed in the coming weeks.

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Thanks for the update Colin. Good to hear this is on your priority list, though I was hoping this would go faster.

Hi @gregdarebe,

The solution is in fact quite simple :slight_smile:
There is a video I’ve made, the way to set up such date selector is described in the beginning (first 2-3 minutes).

Don’t forget to “initialize” this variable, better do it on prev. screen (Update Logged-In User action, set this TMPDate to Current Time).
If you have any questions reg. it, please let me know :slight_smile:

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