Calendar Component doesn't work and block the development of my app

Hello everybody. I’m just creating this topic to talk about Calendar Component and maybe find a solution. Like many people I’m having some issues with this component particularly about the “action” when we click on a date. I have this issue on two apps since December and I find a lot of topic about calendar’s problem. I tried to solved it many time, I reinspected DB, app construction, I made a copy of my app and delete every screen/ DB except the calendar and it doesn’t work. I can’t find where there is an error, I’m blocked in my development. Maybe can we have access to the code to try to solve the problem or maybe the creator can make an update of it I don’t know… Adalo is a very good service but this bug just ruin my development…


I have the same problem with Calendar… There’s definitely issues with it

I have the same issue. When I have 2 and more Agenda the calendar will open Agenda View normally, but if I have only one agenda the calendar will do nothing. And I know hot to set up calendar. I did action “link to another screen” in I have only one Agenda in day.

I think this bug is blocking a lot of people

one week and still no solution

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