Does anyone see what I'm doing wrong

Hello All! I’d just like to express my love for the community!
Second, I’m trying to set up Shipping API between two users below is JSON body I’m having trouble trying to format correctly. Does anyone see what I’m doing wrong?

Here’s a link to the api documentation

Have you tried using tools like to validate your JSON?


Hi @adalouser500, I found a few small issues and here is how to fix it:

so the changes sections are what appears in green here:

Also, so check jsonlint it really is good.
hope this helps!


I can’t thank you enough for the reference, I’m still having the same issue unfortunately here’s an image of the updated dilemma

The tool helped big time thank you!

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Delete the commas that with brackets and try. ( Top one before address_to and bottom two after mass unit)

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