Double appointement

for a reservation request, how can I block the double reservation of dates?
for example: someone is reserving from May 9 to 11, I wish that these dates can no longer be reserved by other requesters, and that this same user will have the right to reserve other dates.
Thank you

Hi Mina,

If you want to prevent users from creating requests OVER other requests, it’s best to have time slots that can be booked.

For example, if people are booking days, make a record for every day. When a user books the day, change the status to booked and remove it as an option for other users.

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Hi Erik Thanks for your answer, but can you develop more, because i don’t know at all how to do it, i show you my files:

Thanks lot of

I made two videos about this in the past, hopefully they’re helpful:

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Hi Erik thanks for the videos, super helpful !

For an Airbnb like app, would the host add slots everyday manually ? Or what way would you recommend to automatize the creation of new available slots?

Thanks !

There’re some ways to bulk create time slots, but manually might be better for consistency…

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