Doubt about Adalo plan

Does Adalo pay play store for me?

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A paid plan includes the following:

  • 5 GB of storage (that’s a lot of storage!)
  • Custom Actions
  • Publish to Apple & Google Stores
  • Publish to a custom web domain
  • 1 Seat

The starter plan comes with a few fonts to play with, while the Pro & Business Plans come equipped with the full library of Google Fonts.

Quero saber se , quando eu for publicar o aplicativo na Play Store e Apple Store vou ter que pagar a taxa de publicação das lojas. Um exemplo: a taxa para colocar um aplicativo na Play Store é $ 25 dólares.

Yes, you would still have to pay for that.

So adalo doesn’t pay for us?! Like we buy a paid 50$ plan and then we need to pay another 100$ to apple store?

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Yes, with any mobile app you submit to the Apple App Store you need to pay $100 per year, and same goes for Google Play Store one time fee of $25.

Thats interesting, playstore is 1 time fee? and applestore is yearly fee?

Yes, Google Play Store is a registration fee of $25 for a developer account and for some reason Apple’s is yearly $100.

You will indeed need to pay to be listed in Google Play Store and App Store.
But I was thinking about it from another side - Adalo saves literally thousands of dollars.
For example, I was quoted $100K (and 9 months) for the app I wanted to create.
Adalo gave me nearly all the tools (including AI integration) and here I am with several hundreds spent.
I built it in two relatively relaxed months.
After those savings a couple of hundreds seem a very, very fair investment…


That’s an inspirational story and fantastic outcome!!

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