What to know upfront?

I have been unemployed for over a year and I can not subscribe to adalo. I have managed to create an app that I feel can have a lot of impacts and would like to approach an investor. The app is not complete because I would like to add the youtube facility and others that would require that I be subscribed.

What I would like to know is what are things that I should know?
What other fees except for subcribsion to adalo should I anticipate?
When I am putting my app on google play store are there fees should I be aware of?

Any information that would help or at least to know where to look would be appreciated.


Hi Andile,

First, you’ll want to change this post category to “help”. That’ll let the community know you’re looking for answers.

Regarding fees, etc. You have two primary fees (everyone pays these):

  1. Adalo account
  2. Google Play and Apple iOS developer fees (US$25 one time and $99/yr respectively)

Now for the auxiliary fees:

  1. You’re going to want a website and a domain name. You can get a URL from namecheap.com for something like US$8. Carrd websites are probably the least expensive landing pages you can get.
  2. If you use external systems (email, SMS, etc.) you’ll need to pay for those as well.

In short, you can expect to spend several hundred US$ per year. If you challenge yourself on this and go lean startup, it’s extremely low risk.

Hope that helps,

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