Downgrading a plan to Free, how will it affect my Google Play and App Store listing?

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, currently, our app is on hold from any further updates or usage. We though don’t want to do away with all the effort we have put in to create it in the first place, but we also can’t keep paying the subscription for the time being, till we decide to come back to the app (which will happen definitely but not immediately).

Though currently, we have had almost no active users of the app since last month but we have the app listed and live on Google Play and App Store.
I wanted to know, how will the version already on those platforms be affected by this downgrade?
Anyone has done that already please do let me know. Looking forward to your input.
Thanks in advance.

AFIK the Apps stay listed but you wont be able to update them. And if you used more then 200 records in the db you get problems too. And TRIGGER UNLIMITED CUSTOM ACTIONS is gone if you go back to FREE PLAN. Not sure if connections to external databases are lost too.

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