Understanding billing after app build


Just trying to figure out the billing options with Adalo. If i build an app with database content that gets launched with both Apple and Google, I assume i’d be paying the $50 per month charge. Does that mean that I am charged $50 for the entire time it spends on the app stores or can I downgrade after it goes live assuming that I’m not making any further design updates to the app and/or just upgrade again if I need to make changes down the track?


Hi @nicm ,

When you are in pro plan, you have the ability to

  1. have more than 200 records in total collections
  2. publish to both stores
  3. call API (custom action)
  4. have external collection (through API)

which those abilities can be achieved by paying USD 50 per month.

So if your app need more than 200 records for all total collections, you need to be in pro plan.

So just to confirm, if it’s live and nothing is being updated I still need to pay the $50 per month (for the life of the app)?

If you are in free plan, you will lose the abilities for those mentioned.

Once your app is live, it will stay live, even if you stop your pro subscription. But if you want to update it and push a new build, you need to resubscribe for a month.

Thanks Briggsy!

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