Downloaded PWA not updating lists after action

I am looking for someone to review my app and help me solve some issues. I have a facebook style app for a niche membership group. Users have the ability to block users and hide post/comments. However the PWA isn’t updating.

For example, I have the previewer open in the editor, the PWA open on web and PWA downloaded on android. When I make a change on android, the changes can be seen immediately on Web and the editor previewer. The changes don’t appear in the download PWA unless I close out the app and open again.

When I block a user, the post is hidden immediately but the user doesn’t appear on the block users list til I close out the app.

When I unblock a user, the users post show in the feed but the user still appears in the blocked list until I close the app.

When a user hides a post from the feed. It doesn’t hide until the app is closed and reopened.

When a user unhides a post from the feed. It doesn’t show in feed until the app is closed and reopened.

Anyone willing to get on a screen share to discuss in detail? The app is membership only so I’d have to provide access or do a screen share.

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