List not updating after action

I have the app in the Apple Store, in Google Play internal testing and as a PWA. The iOS app seems to be working properly.

However the PWA and the Google testing is not.

I have a social media feed that is a list of Posts. Users can hide posts or block users which hides all their posts from the feed. The list is set to auto refresh and load while scroll.

It also has filters to limit if the user has blocked the user, hidden the post.

If I block the user, the list updates and removes the post immediately on all 3.

On Google Play internal testing and the PWA, if I hide a post, it does NOT update the list, removing the post. The post still remains until I refresh or close the app and open.

Support told me they have a latency and offered no other help.

Hoping someone can help here! Not sure why one works immediately and the other is delayed. Google won’t approve the app unless the hidden action happens close to real time.

List filters

List advanced settings

I had the previewer open on Chrome on Mac at the same time I hid the post and you can see that the post appears.

Screenshot of my Google pixel using the PWA on Chrome. I hid the post and went to my hidden post list. And you can see it is blank. This was taken at the same time as the picture above.

Video on my Google Pixel 7 pro using the PWA on Chrome, hiding a post and it not disappearing from the feed. I refresh the browser and then it disappears. Then me blocking a user and seeing the post disappear immediately.

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