Downloading a Current User's List

Hi All,

Recently been teaching myself the basics with Adalo over the past couple of weeks and as someone with limited coding knowledge I’ve enjoyed the ease to play around with ideas.

I’m currently struggling with how to best provide a ‘download list’ button for my app. Currently a user can create, edit, delete and view their ‘listed’ data within the app in detail or within a summary list. But I’m trying to figure out how they could download a copy of the listed items from the database onto their phone.

I’ve had a look at Integromat but I’m unsure of how you’d go about filtering the received date to only that belonging to the logged in user… The workaround that I’m thinking is to generate a new database for each user but I understand that you have to enter the database API code in advance to enable the data request?

Hopefully the above makes sense!

Thank you!