Sharing adalo database information with google sheets or airtable?


My app has a list of users who all have a different number of credits to buy coffee. this is stored inside Adalo’s Database

I want to share a spreadsheet with the coffee shop owner where she can see how many credits each person has. The spreadsheet needs to update automatically.

Is there a way to make integromat and google sheets (or airtable) keep all the records up to date?

What is the initial scenario for Adalo on integromat for this?

thank you

Hi @axme

Do they specifically need a spreadsheet? Why not provide them a login for the app and a list showing users/credits for their specific shop? That would be the easiest solution.

If you want to do an external list, you’ll need a sheet for every coffee shop, then write an API (can use integromat) to ensure you’re updating the proper sheet. It’s doable, but significantly more complex than just providing them a web portal or separate app on Adalo.


that’s a great idea actually! thank you