Urgent! Cant access Adalo Database/Collections

Hey Guys,
I am unable to access any of the Database/collections that I create on.

I tried this by creating a new app and creating other collection, but unfortunately, I cannot access any of my collections. Please help me in how to access my database (link my text/image to my collection).

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I guess this is a bug in adalo. I got the same problem today, every property like “current xy” doesnt work anymore. I got a list on a screen witch says “current users” (created a few days ago) if I now create a list on the screen an want to say “current users” I only can chose "logged in user … ". This is frustrating as hell :frowning:

Hi Luca,

Thank for your reply, sorry that you are facing the same issue as well :confused:
How can we bring this to the attention of Adalo Team?
This is frustrating to me as well…and hope they fix it soon.

I guess we have to wait till monday an the problem getting detected by the team :smile:

Hey @safi it looks like you don’t have any screens linked to that screen so no data for the “Current ____” would be send over. You can click on the screen and then go to Available Data to see what data is sent over.

If you’re tying to get the current user info on that page, you can make a list of users and then link that screen by adding a link action and that should send the data over there. Then you can use the magic text to make it show up.

Let me know if that helps!

Hey @David,
That’s exactly what I want to do, but even before I send the “Current Data”, the issues I am simply not able to access any collection.
If you see, I have a list of Stories Titles, which is populating correctly in the list, onClick I navigate to next screen, and here I can’t access my collection at all.

For this reason, I tried creating a new collection called ‘Test’ and seeing if I could populate any component such as text, image, button extra referring to this collection, but I couldn’t do it. I don’t think Linking it to other screens is the issue, as I tried creating another app which just one screen and a test collection/database and I still had the same Issue. See images, below:

Looking forward to your response.

What happens when you open the “Current Story title” arrow ?

Hi @luca,
I have created a One to many relationships, where each story title can have multiple sections.

It’s the same thing I can’t access any info from Current Story title as well.

What stands at available data in the story screen?

@luca I didn’t get what you mean by available data,

but the text field in story screen has some random text,
and the data Story ID, Series Name, Story Name are from Story Title collection and are available passed through the list from Home to Story Screen.

Would it be possible to connect with a zoom/skype call as I have a deadline by tomorrow noon, and I am not sure if I can proceed building the app when I am unable to access collections.


I think I was not clear with how the collections work, I was trying to refer them without a list, but after watching this video I was able to fix my problem.

@David and @luca thank you for your help and support. This issues is now resolved.

Hi Safi,

  • Are you on a paid plan ?
  • could it be caused by some maximum data limit reached ?
    *max records…or something else ?