Drag Reordering List

Is it possible for someone who knows how to actually code to build a component like this for Adalo? They have it on bubble and it’s a feature I really need for my app! I’d like to allow users to drag reorder their custom list of exercises in their custom workouts on my app Gym-Free Fitness.

@Michael might be able to help with this.


Thanks @theadaloguy , Michael did contact me yesterday about this and said he might be able to make this happen!

Dear Troyhurst,

Did you manage to solve this issue ?

I need the same feature (allow user to reorder item from a list they created).


Hi @CyrilVan,

As far as I’m aware there is no component still to drag and change the order but you can do something by clicking on a button,icon!

Check this post by James!! : User Custom Order List - #3 by James_App_Maker

Thank you


But I m unable to login in…

I m stuck to the login page.

Anyone has an valid login please ?


I think that James has added the Login Form in the Signup screen! @James_App_Maker is it possible to fix this?

But you can clone the app and fix that in your end and preview!

THanks I managed to clone the app.

I will have a look and let you know!