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Can anyone think of a way to allow users to reorder a list manually? For instance, I made a fitness app and users can put whatever exercises they want into a custom workout, but there’s no list component that allows users to drag to reorder the exercises manually if they decide they want the exercises in a specific order. Does anyone know a work-around that would allow users to be able to reorder a list manually?

Maybe if you had a workout collection of their workout for that day, and each workout had a number assigned, then they could update the order they want them in and the list could display them in the order of that number?


Hey Troy,

Just as you posted @Bobby, I was working on a cloneable app for @TroyHurst :slight_smile:! Looks like we have the same brains. It took me the past 30 mins to figure it out and add it to an app.

Check out this cloneable kit. Feel free to clone and see what’s behind it.

Click on “Reorder list” to see it



Thank you both so much @Bobby and @James_App_Maker ! This is exactly what I was looking for!

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