Drop down list that updates user profile

I want to allow users to be able to select from a prepopulated dropdown menu, which then updates their profile.

For example, they would click a drop down that lists Pet types(bird, fish, cat). When they make a selection, it would update their profile page on a field named pet type.

I understand that I need a collection with the various pet types. What relationship should I select to allow a user to update that field on their profile page? Should I use a list on the profile page, or a text field?

I attempted to use a multiselect dropdown from the marketplace, but the dropdown list overlaps anything below it and it becomes impossible to read.

Hi Chris,

When making the relationship from the Pet Types collection select the 2nd option. So the user has 1 pet type!

And the relationship will make on the Pet Types collection and Users collection.



And place the drop down on the screen and name it as like Pet Type drop down for easier and add a button with a Update Logged in user action that Update Logged in user>Pet Type to Other components>Pet type drop down>Name.

If you need like when the user clicks a type on the drop down update then you need a custom component because still we can’t do this with the Adalo Drop down.

You can find the component here called Select Box :

For a workaround this video by Victor may help you :

Thank you

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