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Hello, I have a problem with the drop down list. I would like the user to select the user type during registration. User type collection has a relationship with Users collection. I added values in the User type collection. I followed the adalo tutorial. I chose the second option while setting up the relationship as in the tutorial. Could someone explain to me that I did wrong? When clicking on the dropdown list, it is empty.
Im attaching few screenshots

Hey there @matt52

You have to add records to the collection so that it knows what to select.

You currently have 0 records in your user type collection.

You need to adjust the collection. One moment and I’ll show you.

Remove “Influencer” and “Brand” from your user type collection and add a new text parameter called “Name”

Just like this:

Add your 2 records “Influencer” and “brands” to the user type collection.

Then, the 2 options are selectable from the dropdown when viewing the form:

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@Flawless thank you very much, It works!

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@Flawless Do you know why 2 records are jumping into the database during the registration process? One correct and the other empty

Check your actions on the form, make sure that you do not have more than 1 “sign up” action.

Check your login form too, make sure you don’t have a “sign up action” but rather a “log in” action.

@Flawless I am using the standard signup form template. I checked and it happens the same every time. I am sending a preview for login and registration.

You indeed have 2 create actions.

“Sign up User” and “Create User” do the same exact thing. Remove the “Create User” action and you’ll be golden.

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Thank you @Flawless

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