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I can not figure out the problem, I hope to get help. The bottom line is this: I have a page with a questionnaire that an employee must fill out. It has a standard form for creating a questionnaire and a multi-select drop-down field that contains options for the work that the employee undertakes to perform. Job options are contained in their own collection associated with the “worker” collection. What needs to be done to display the types of work selected by the employee in his collection in the Types of work field? Thanks in advance!

Where do you want to display all the options they chose?

In the column “Types of work” in the collection “Employee”


@Kendall , when you say “You can’t have multiple things populate a single cell”, in what context do you mean? Do you mean in general within Adalo or just specifically through the multi-select dropdown? For what @paulman is asking for, to me, if he has a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship between the Employee and Jobs collections, it should be pretty simple. It’s no different than a business directory app with businesses that fall into multiple categories. Here is a thread where someone had a similar issue, and it looks like they figured it out. Multi Select Dropdownbox Configuration


Yes you are correct. I now understand where he wants to display the information. That’s what confused me.

Using one-to-many or the many-to-many relationship between Employee and Types of Work, he’ll be able to see that in his Adalo database.

I’ve found that this is limiting however when you want to download the CSV/Excel file. Or when you want to display multiple relationships on the app.

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Okay, I’m sure I’ll figure this out eventually, but for now, let me ask two more questions:
1 Does Adalo have a reminder function via SMS, for example, when booking an order through the application.
2 When I pay for a premium account, create an application and give it to the customer, how are further payments made? What does a paid account look like in general in terms of using the application - does it work while the account is being paid for, or is the application no longer tied to payments after publication? Please clarify this point

Hi @paulman ,

Check Abracadalo

Check Adalo’s pricing page for the difference between free plan and pro plan.

If you need more clarification after checking those, quote what you need to ask more.

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