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I want to create a recipe app and I’m facing an issue with the dropdown menu.
I create the database like:
Recipe > Can only have 1 type > can only have 1 diet
Type > can have multiple diet.
Diet > can have multiple type.

How can I filter the diet field (in the form) to only appears the “types” that match?
Thank you so much

Hi @XTL,

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If I’m correct you can’t do a filter like this on a form. You need a Custom Form ( Two Text Inputs for title and description, Image Picker for Photo and Two Drop downs for type and diet. )

And filter the diet drop down with the type drop down’s value ( You can add a custom filter in the diet drop down Types ( many to many relationship created between diets collection and types collection)>All>Contains>Other Components>type( drop down name that has connected to the Types collection to select type )>selected type.

Like this.

Thank you

Yeahhhhh Thank you so much @dilon_perera it worked!!!
Have a great day :slight_smile: :tada: :tada: :tada:

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