How to activate more then 1 choice in a dropdown form?

How to have a Dropdown Menu in a Form - Adalo Resources referring to this video.

I need to use a form to create a profile for a potential customer, in the dropdown item there are all the possible category of product that he could be interested to buy. I can’t understand how to made possible to select more than 1 voice.

I suppose to have to change the green rettangle type of relationship into the red one BUT… If i do the dropdown element thisappear!

Anyone knos how to solve it? I didn’t find any sort of solution in the forum…


Screenshot (804)

Hello, I think that many to many relationship would be good. Just set properly database, each user can have multiple products and viceversa. On your custom list, insert a toggle component. Then on ON action, do an Update action, Add current Product into the Logged in User, or Add Logged in User into the Current Product. And on toggling OFF, remove it.
Hope that helped, let me know if something is unclear

Thank you so much for your answer.

This is the case, I want that to the added potential customer will have for exampe both “Ponzano” and “Treviso” in his “Zona di Interesse”.

but if I select many to many doesn’t appear the dropdown menu as option.

Can you explain me better as to set up that?
Thank you !

Hi @giacomo,

I guess the best here is to use a Many to Many relationship and if you add this on a form it displays a text input and you would need to use the multi select drop-down or a list with a toggle like Eugen mentioned!

See here : Multi Select.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you