Dropdown Always Shows a Value

Hi Guys:

I want a list to be filtered on a dropdown that contains the available statuses for the user. But each time I go to the screen it always defaults to a value even after setting up the default to empty. I tried creating a single screen for testing purposes with a list of all statuses and the same happens.

It does this in preview and also on my PWA from my iPhone. I would really appreciate any input about this. I’ve seen YouTubes videos and they all default to the word Select and then they pick from the dropdown.

Can anyone else run into this situation? Thanks.

This issue have been posted for 14 days and the adalo team is trying to solve this bug,

Hope it will be solve soon.

This is an issue that needs to be address because basically all dropdowns used to filter lists get the first value as the default and it is kind of confusing for users. Oh well. I guess, we’ll have to wait.

Any news on this issue? @anon78309838 Thanks!

Hi All,

I have made modification, not using button anymore.

If you can’t wait for the fix, this workaround may solve.


Genius. Amazing work around @Yongki

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@Yongki thank you very, very much!!! :+1:

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Nice work @Yongki. I’m going to clone your component and give it a try. But for those who just prefer to use the original dropdown, there is another workaround that I’ve been doing. I simply added an empty record in whatever databases I’ve used for dropdowns and filtered the dropdown alphabetically. By filtering alphabetically, the dropdown always defaults to the empty record. Also, I have played around with having the record actually be totally empty (no value at all) or hitting space bar and giving it an (empty value)…if that made sense…I’ve seen differing results from doing both.


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