List dropdown issue

Hi team,

Recently the dropdown is behaving weird don’t know why it should show the dropdown placeholder text but every time I’m opening the app it’s automatically selecting the first value of the dropdown
Can you please take a look & fix this ASAP as I’m about to launch the new version of my app.


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We all are facing this issue. But Yongki (@Yongki ) created a workaround for this. Here it is.

The conversation

Hi All,

I have made modification, not using button anymore.

[](Dropdown replacement

Dropdown replacement

Built with Adalo

If you can’t wait for the fix, this workaround may solve.

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Is adalo fixed the issue?

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Another possible workaround (currently testing if it works).

  1. the first time the user selects the dropdown, they will have to select an option
  2. Save that option to the user’s collection. Example: If current selects location A, then save in the user DB that this user uses location A
  3. When the user creates another record (example: a new order), then first update the current user’s location to the selected location, then use in you “order record” the logged in user’s location
  4. that way there’s a defualt value that gets places in case the user did not chage the dropdown and adalo does not record it.

Again…i’m still testing if it works

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I did this and It worked.

So the collection that set to the dropdown add a record Select All and if there are records added earlier delete that all and add this. This is the first record in that collection. And after that when you add records that records are adding like 2,3,4 and so on. Then add a sorting to the dropdown Created Date - Oldest to Newest . I hope this will work for everyone until the Adalo Team fix this issue :blush:

Thank you :innocent: