Dropdown initialization


Even if the initial value of the dropdown is set to enpty, the value is still entered.
Is there any way to improve this?

Hi Noah,

I’m going to need a little more info to work on in order to assist better :slight_smile:

Hi Colin,

If you select an item from the dropdown and return to the same page, the previously selected item will remain in the dropdown.

I’d like to start with a blank state every time, but can’t I set that?
The component I’m using is the “Dropdown Menu”.

Unfortunately not. At the moment there is a limitation that doesn’t allow for resetting the dropdown component to a default state.

@Colin I don’t know if this is related but I’ve come across a problem where I have a DDLB that shows a list of categories.

In the web app first on the list appears “Any Category” and below appears a list of the categories I have- perfect.

However, in the iOS native app this “Any Category” option doesn’t appear. Hence once a person chooses a category there’s no way to reset it to “Any Category”.

Is this being looked at?

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