Bug and Issue for Dropdown: can not show "Please select..." and have to re-select to go

Hi all, I have 2 problems to report to Adalo team:

  1. A few weeks ago, the text “Please select…” (Place Holder setting) was still displayed in my dropdown. But today when I check again, it doesn’t show this text anymore on my preview web, it just shows the list with the first element in collection appearing by default.

  2. Saying that if we don’t need “Please seclect…” text, as the page just opens, it shows “New York” (the fist element), then it doens’t work (Home-list for New York doesn’t appear), then I have to select another city, and re-seclect “New York” again, then the home-list for New York will appear!!!

Please review these 2 issues. Thank you.


Hi Adalo team,
Do you have any update on this?

I have the same issue.

Hi @tuanphan09 and @adominicci !! :wave: :wave:

I also have the same issue. I think everyone has this issue. :neutral_face:
So we have to wait until the Adalo team solve this Issue. :blush:

Thanks. :innocent:

I have the same problem too.

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