Dropshipping with Adalo

Is it possible to integrate platforms to dropship products through an Adalo developed app? If yes i’m looking to hire a developer to do the same for me. Please drop a message if you think you’ll be suitable for the job on a freelance basis

Hey Aryan, yes it is possible. I’m making for myself one ultra complex (if you want to see, just let me know). So basic Ecomm app, like Shopify store is “simple” to make, and yes, you can use it for dropshipping, Amazon FBA etc.

You can make very good sales funnel. Let’s say you have general store (random products), everything what you need to do is to make an Instragram profile and to post ADS/Creatives/Videos/Stories constantly. In profile bio just put “Download app and get 10% discount on all products”.

Or you can do like this: Instagram profile with posts as I said before + Telegram channel where you can share your products constantly and like CTA you can use Download app and gain discount on each product.

Yes, I can make for you mobile app in Adalo for Ecom or dropshipping purposes, or any other purpose. If you didn’t manage so far, let me know and let’s finish it until Halloween so you can crash Q3 and Q4.

Speak soon.