Building E-commerce with Adalo

I’m currently building an E-commerce application with Adalo and it is the most complex project I have done with Adalo yet. Users will post listings/offers for sale and upload photos for their listings like (Craigslist) . I’m supper worried if an application like this can be managed on Adalo. The database can get overwhelmed really fast which will affect performance and price and I’m seeking advise in resolving this issue.


Hi @amabowilli and welcome to the forum!

Adalo certainly can handle the basics of what you’re doing. There are a lot of similar apps built on Adalo.

If you’re really worried about scalability, you can use a different backend (firebase, supabase, xano, etc.)

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You can use external database like @xano to have better performance if you anticipate lot of data.

Technically building an e-commerce is possible in Adalo

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Any ideas to reduce cost in such a case ? I’m paying $50/m for Adalo and Now $35 for Xano/m Jezz. Help me out here.

Any ideas to reduce cost in such a case ? I’m paying $50/m for Adalo and Now $35 for Xano/m Jezz. Help me out here.

I’d start by recommending you to just stick to Adalo at first & when you start seeing traction & revenue, then you can think of adding Xano or any other external service to support with performance.

That way you have your idea validated & then easy on your pocket when you start generating revenue.


Adding onto @bhanu @Erik,

You can clone some e-commerce apps from the Adalo app templates.

E-commerce App:

Hi @James_App_Maker there is a huge difference between Adalo’s version of E-commerce and what I’m creating. Their Template is a simple online store where people buy. What I’m creating is like Craigslist where people post their own listings and add photos but only it is meant for Vendors so basically Online Mall :slight_smile:

That template is to help you start and see the database setup etc…

I’m not starting out. I’m far gone and worried about performance in the near future. See attachment

Adalo is improving performance rn. You can learn more here. Also, your Home Screen UI looks really nice! :slight_smile:


Welcome to ADALO, it is all about scalability and growth/Marketing. As @bhanu said, you use ADALO for now, pay the 50$ and start slowly, then scale to XANO if business scales also.

You need a solid tool, you need to pay for it :slight_smile: , nobody is the next Craiglist without investing time and money :slight_smile: . Believe me, the money you put today, will have ROI very soon if you put effort. But 5$ Mobile app providers will not take you anywhere :slight_smile:, we all need food in our tables :slight_smile: .

I use XANO a lot, and @bhanu is also an expert, so for sure in the future we will give you good tips.

Good luck, and the app screen is looking great, nice and clean UI.

Just one remark here that I just noticed, I see you have a lot of screens, not sure if you did it or not, but splitting the App in B2B app and B2C app might help you in performance.


I am working on same idea of what are you doing. Did you publish it so I can test how it perform? you looks like have a lot of screens

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Hi there, Looking to publish now.

if its published let us test it :slight_smile:

Hello Smolad, it will be published by this weekend and you can test. I will share testing details with you :slight_smile:

Alright waiting to be published

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