Dynamic maximum limit of lists?

Example: I have a task list and it shows 8 items. What if the users wants to show 12?

Would I have to make 2 lists one with maximum items to 8 and one 12 then have a user option to select between the 2 (through visibility)? Or is there a different way to approach this?

You would have to make a record in the user collection (or possibly another collection) for their preference.

You would then need to create a different list for each one of those preferences and then create visibility rules to filter it to show only if their preference is equal to that list max item.

So, my assumption is correct that you would have to have multiple lists with different maximum values hidden by visibility.

That’s fine, I can do that since I am not going to need super-fine control of list items.

Please please PLEASE consider having a magic text option for that number of records in a list. You could then tie it to a number for each user so user A could have 8 records shown and user B could have 12 records shown. Wouldn’t that be “cheaper” (less cpu intensive) then having lets say, having 3 lists (10, 15, 20 items in the list) hidden with visibility?

Just some feedback. I already made the modifications to my app (multiple lists) but it would be really nice if the list count could be more easily changed.

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