What's the issue with text?

Why Adalo editor now showing any texts

I think its an editor BUG

Did you check the text formatting to see if it is same as background color if different from the text color?

Hi @AppNoCode,

There is a chance that this rectangle has “slipped away” from the list. It happens sometimes - when the object is over the list borders.
How to check: type something in this rectangle. If it appears several times - then it is in the list.

Also: I would recommend to check the layout of screen components (you select the screen, then “components” on the left pane). You can see the priority there, drag them up and down and also put components “inside” the groups&lists (and extract them “outside”.
This section is good for debugging such issues like you have.

Here I’m assuming that you’ve already checked basic things like that text is not white/transparent, etc. :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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