Educational Adalo Subscription and Adalo Speaker Slot

No Idea Where My Question Fits!!! So I’m sorry if there is already a thread with my questions, I’ve been scrolling and reading the forum for a while but can not find answers that fit my query.

  1. Is there a subscription option for educational use?
    I’m not a business and the app will not be personal. I want to use the app for international educational research.

  2. Can Adalo attend an educational academic conference
    I will host a conference in June 2024 and would love for Adalo to be a presenter/speaker. I think it might be helpful for academia to understand that we’ve moved passed conducting research on SurveyMonkey. Literally saw another post on Linkedin minutes ago!! It’s not 2003.

Thank you Adalo community

Both questions are to be clarified directly with Adalo.

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Thank you @charleshope .
I did send a message to @Adalo a few weeks ago and received the customary …

Blockquote Thank you for contacting Adalo. You’re not currently subscribed to one of our plans that receive email support

hence I’ve asked the exact same questions here.

I’d like to get a subscription for sure.
I’d also like to know if @adalo will be the best option for the research project that’s in the pipeline, coz if not I might need to look elsewhere

Hi! Yes, Adalo does offer a free six month educational subscription on the Professional plan. When the end of your six months is up you will need to reach back out to Adalo and explain why you still need continued access for educational purposes. To begin please reach out to Adalo about it. Just as a heads up, they will need proof that you go to a educational institution in order to gain access and you will need a credit card to sign up for the subscription, you will not be charged however. On regards to the conference as @charleshope stated you will need to reach out to Adalo on that. I would recommend using a seperate email for the ticket to avoid that error. If not I can try and initiate a ticket for you. Happy building! :slight_smile:

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Could you please expand on the research project so I can better understand what you are trying to make? Also I am not a Adalo Expert, i.e. I don’t sell Adalo apps, so I won’t charge you for any help you need.

the app will collect quantitative data, in a nutshell for a research project that will have international participants.
From my understanding the app could also have a chat option, as well as a booking option and databases, enable everything to be in one place

This is fantastic news
Thank you @ShumBuggie

If you share some wireframes then I can make a basic web app or mobile app for you.

@Adalo_CXTeam I’m wondering if someone from the subscription team might contact me about my subscription question.
I have previously submitted a support ticket and got the response that as I do not have a subscription your small team will not respond. My query is very specifically about an educational subscription I’d like to begin as a fully enrolled student.
The advice I received on the forum previously was very helpful, but ultimately Adalo team are the only one who can answer the question and help me get the right subscription package going forwards.


hello. My name is Yeon and I am attending Kookmin University in Korea. I would like to subscribe for educational purposes as well. Can you tell me how to do so?