Adalo Business Model

If I may propose something. When talking to other users, the Adalo learning curve is very different individually, so if Adalo wants to show all app potential, one has to have a paid plan, as the price whether monthly or yearly is a bit high for those who are learning or developing yet. This becomes a blockage for many potential users.

May I suggest 3 options:

  1. You can create a plan Sandbox that would only allow users to develop but not publish, so Academy type, for a price of whatever.

  2. A more generic approach from other companies, pay a small fee per month until you have your first app published.

  3. I would prefer to pay 5/10€ /Month for the free plan but with access to API than to have free plan and not being able to use it.

This would also allow Adalo fans to develop/learn at their own pace but also assure passive income on a monthly basis.

In my opinion this would only create less frustration and increase conversion rate.

Thank you.


I think there is something here. It does seem that there is a gap between the free plan and the $50 a month plan, and this would be something of a bridge - as long as it covers incremental costs, it seems a good idea to me.

Thanks for the suggestions, we appreciate the input!

I have passed this on to the relevant decision-makers :slight_smile:

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