{ElementId} required for update, but I can't see it anywhere

I need to update a specific record of an internal collection via API and it requires the {ElementId}.
I cannot see it, nor extracting records in csv or via an API getAll request.
I’ve seen it’s a common question, but I don’t understand how I can update a record if I don’t know its {ElementId}. Any help would be highly appreciated, thank you!!!

Hi @Mario1 ,

This topic has been discussed previously, search older posts.

This is one of the oldest problems still to solve.
I use zapier to solve this issue.

Hi Mario,

Get All request does return ID, and that can be used.

Also, if you use a custom action to create the record in the first place, the response returns the ID, so you never really need to run a GET all if you set things up that way.

Note, it is called id, not ElementId, when returned from the API

thank you, I had my own “id” field, in that particular case the response returns only my id, that’s why I couldn’t see the real ElementID. Maybe this can help someone else

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