Element ID number

Hello guys, how i get the element id auto in a adalo app?

I guess that if adalo pass the element id to zapier very easily this should be easy to reach for users like created date or so.

I need that to automate order payments because zapier at least take 1 to 2 min to retrive a new record and my clients are complaining of the wait to pay.

Can someone help ?


why don’t you trigger a webhook to Zapier or Integromat instead of waiting for Zapier to fetch new records every 1-2 minutes?

Webhooks are instant and can trigger action immediately. I haven’t done this in Zapier but have a fair understanding about it in Integromat. Let me know if you need any help.

i can’t make a webhook that send the element ID can i?

Please do

You can trigger a webhook to integromat to fetch the records (including element ID) using a http call, it’s more of a trigger to alert integromat to perform the duties.

i will check on integromat, because in zapier does not work that way.

Yup integromat is more flexible here!

how to you set to send the element id to integromat’?

Http call from integromat to Adalo’s collections will retrieve all the fields in the collection, one of them would be recordID or elementID as you call it

Hi @bhanu ,

Would you have some screenshots to show this ? I’m a newbie in API calls and that would help a lot !

Thanks !

@AfonsoMarques - were you able to resolve this?

@bhanu - would you mind providing a bit more detail with an example here?

It does seem like this could be feasible with Integromat either by getting all the records through the Adalo API and then filtering (which is complicated, especially if you have to use pagination) or creating a “watch records” trigger (although that can only run periodically). But it does feel as though there should be a cleaner way.

To simplify part of the process, my plan is to make an extra field in the collection that serves as a copy of the element ID. Then I only need to set that element ID copy the first time the record is created and then I can easily use it as needed. (Although it’s not best practice to have duplicate data.)

Yes, you will need to Use zapier for this

Good to hear!

Without spending too much time on the details, can you provide guidance on how to do that? Are there ways around the concerns I listed above? Do you consider your approach a long-term fix or a temporary work around until a better way exists?

Right now i use this to manage my order booking, and its working,

in my opinion is easier and better than use the API,

because when you create a nem zap Zapier automaticaly retrive the element ID and you can send that element ID thought a “POST” wook and the receive again in a Webhook.

The copy will not work in a high frequency creation of records because sometimes two people or more create at the same time and will break your system.

Right now i thing is the better way.

Hi can you show how to do it? I use integromat, However in my webhook field does not show RecordID.


Hi you can check the thread here:

You can start with:
Watch records and then add Update records to update the “human created ID” field with the ADALO ID.

Yes, at the moment that value is not passed on that way, you need to use normal trigger with zapier.
At least for me ( 1000+ trasactions a month) it’s the only way i trust.

I ended up going a different route with implementing this and followed the approach that was explained by @Victor and @duartefalmeida in this thread:

Specifically, I did NOT use a third-party API platform like Zapier or Integromat, but instead used Adalo’s own API to effectively make an API call to its own database.

The reason I chose this approach is because:

  • It avoids the technical complexity and additional risk of relying on an outside platform
  • It would save money (if you aren’t already using one of those outside platforms)

Here’s a summary of the steps I took:

  • Created a new Property in the User collection called “Adalo copy element ID”
  • Created a new External Collection (as described in the above thread) that uses your own app’s User collection’s API (note the debugging step Victor explained that you need to set the Results Key to “records”)
  • On the interim screen I use when creating a new user, I update the User collection “Adalo copy element ID” to be the External Collection Users > id > Maximum ids, Filtered by Email is equal to Logged in User Email (you need to ensure the User Email is verified and unique)
  • Then I use “Adalo copy element ID” in any APIs going forward

Note: I have not verified this scales to support a larger number of users.

This is of course a workaround and I’m hoping the process ends up being moot once it’s easier to get the Element ID directly.

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