'Email already exists' and file uploader not working in collections


I’m not sure if I’m running into a bug. I am trying to edit the information of a user; whenever I click ‘save’ on the collection it tells me the email already exists.

Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 22.27.15

The file uploader for the collection also will not let me upload any files, whether they are JPEG or PDF; I get the following error message.

I have tried to hard refresh and have also tried from two different browsers. Any ideas?

Many thanks,


I can now also not upload a new image in the collections for the user. I get the following error:

Hi Murad,

I think this issue is intermittent, (I get them once a month).

Here’s the steps I did that could help you:

  • Log in and out of your Adalo Account
  • Delete your cache and cookies

Thank you James - clearing the cache worked

No problem! Glad that helped! :slight_smile:

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