User email already exists (help)


I try to preview my Adalo app and when I try to sign up for the first time the pop up message says “user email already exists”. However, I haven’t yet registered my email either through the sign-up page or the user database.

You can find a pic attached.

Please help. Thanks.


Clear your browser cache and try again. This happens sometimes, especially if you use auto-fill form field (as shown here in your email field) - highlighted in light blue

Thank you for your reply. I tried to clear the cache and still doesn’t work. I tried a different browser too and it still tells me “user email already exists”.

Can this be a bug? Thank you.

Did you try using any other email address, does the error show?

Also, it would be helpful to see a screenshot of your Adalo editor window and what click actions you have setup for the “Sign Up” button. It will help analyze

I’ve tried other emails, and get the same message that the user already exists. And I have no users in my database at all.

Ouch. Yeah I am not really sure, usually clearing the cache and closing the browser works for me.
Unless the click actions are causing a conflict, which is very possible.

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