Can’t create Collection + add Items to a Collection. + email already exist

I can’t Items to a Collection.
Just created a new one and can’t add items.
I tried to add item in the editor itself but it doesn’t let me save a new Item.

It read e-mail already exists

Hi there, Have you just tried refreshing your browser page? sometimes it fixes many bugs
if it’s not the problem, can you elaborate?

I’m actually having the same exact issue with a collection right now. Created it this afternoon and it won’t let me add items. When I refresh the browser or log out & in the entire collection is gone.

Tried about 5 times now and keeps happening.

An exact copy of this workflow but with a different collection does work, which makes it extra weird.

@renzetc and @zyahav

Thanks for flagging this! There was an error affecting some apps, and we just deployed a fix for the issue!

Please let me know if you have any continued issues with this.


I’m experiencing this right now, @ben1.