Email restrictions for app sign-ups

Hello all,

Does anyone know how to put in place email restrictions so that only people with the following addresses ( and could sign up and register on the app?

I need to publish this app in the next couple of days and need to fix this issue asap.

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There’s a few ways you might achieve this:

  1. Put a conditional action that allows people to go to the home page after they sign up if their email contains those values and if not it logs them out and then deletes the newly created user
  2. Use one of the validation plugins to check that the email is the right “format”
  3. Make your own signup form and make the signup button only visible if the email entered has the right format

Thank you! What are the steps for no 3? (if you don’t mind explaining here…)


OK I quickly knocked it up for you. Is this what you’re looking for?:

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Yes, something like that! How do I do that in Adalo? Not sure how to make the button appear, do I need a premium account for this function?


No you don’t need anything special. Just use the email validation plugin:

I made it clonable.

Oh perfect, cloned! Thanks so much for your help!


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