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I am making a quiz app that includes a ranking of schools. When signing-up the user chooses his school.

I would like it to be the less manipulative possible and the most accurate possible. I mean I know it would be impossible to have the databases of all universities e-mail adresses to check if a specific address exists and belongs to one user.

Has anyone found a method to allow the user to use the app only if he belongs to the type he declared?

I tried to make a Collection with all the Universities name and e-mail addresses extensions but I’m stuck when it comes to check if the e-mail that the user entered to sign-in in the form has this extension.

I can only get the e-mail from the logged in user and I want to check the e-mail before the login …

I’m not entirely sure if I understood this request correctly but this is my take on it:

Create 2 conditional actions on signup:-

  1. Signs the user up if the email field “contains” the text from the universities collection.
  2. Link to screen where you can display an error message the the email address used does not match any university in your database and that signup is limited to only those universities.
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Hi @Colin.

Thank you for your message. I forgot to update the topic. I actually did that but divided the sign-up in two parts.

  1. The user enters e-mail and password (action: log-in)
  2. The user enters username and university.

That way I can use the e-mail to check the extension because the user is already logged-in

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